Is nature a commodity?

In a capitalist system money and goods are considered commodities. Fresh water, clean air and other natural resources, on the other hand, are no factors in our balances. They are taken for granted. If we start to take them into account, our consumer behaviour might change, and we can begin to develop a healthier relation to nature.Pure City is a speculative service design proposal.

Air quality is measured by a widespread network of sensors in the city. These sensors are designed to also work indicators of the three most hazardous elements Ozone, Particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide to make the invisible gases and particles visible. The data is provided to the users to sensitise their perception of air quality and encourage them to reconsider consumer choices.

To give you an hands-on example if you want to go for a drink you definitely want to go for a drink somewhere in an eco-friendly area. You just have to check Pure City. It is continuously monitoring the environment. Thus you can easily find out which bars come into consideration due to their low levels of pollution. By linking good air quality to economic factors, companies should be encouraged to think about what they can do to create a more eco-friendly environment.

Fynn Eckstein