A bike helmet concept fo the Circular Economy.

CHB_01 is allowing the user to renew the bike helmet after a crash without throwing away the whole product. Instead, the safety-relevant elements get replaced.




CHB_01 uses a modular system in which each component is dedicated to its primary function. The Modular System allows replacing broken parts, like the foam core after a crash or a certain amount of time due to the degradation through UV-rays. Additionally, this enables upgrades of functionality, through different components, in the future.


Thanks to the modular system of the CBH_01 the helmet can be easily split into single type materials. This allows a streamlined recycling process.  Furthermore, the reuse of materials reduces the environmental impact by replacing individual pieces instead of buying a new helmet. In addition, new material innovations allow CBH_01 even more eco-friendly.




Besides the lower environmental impact and the cost saving benefits,  modularity also allows for mass customisation. Every user will be able to create his or her very own colour theme. Thereby the consumer builds a more profound emotional bond with CBH_01 which will lead to a higher acceptance of bike helmets.

Fynn Eckstein